• Teaching to read
    and write
    in Spanish?
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What do we guarantee?

Easy to use handles

Mastering reading and writing

The student will read and write fluently and will make an easy and effective transition to Reading in English.
Comunicate with your teammades

Guided teacher in each activity

Step by step leads the teacher for each exercise. Made to avoid common problems, such as confusing sounds, omitting letters or reading without understanding.

Share all kind of files

Parental involvement

Parents get what they need to help their children read, just by following the sequence of the book.
Create and manage schedules

Students will learn according to their skills

The sudent will do exercises that he can face and no require more effort beyond than his abilities and knowledge.

LEER JUGANDO, the book to teach to Read

One of the most effective to learn to read in Spanish. Simple and fun. Their games and exercises guarantee a learning based on the use of the skills of the logical thinking.

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This is how they use the book Leer jugando

Leer jugando is the ideal supplement for the textbook in class. Aimed at Pre-k to First Grade students, used by experienced and inexperienced teachers and parents who are involved in the education of their children. At the end of the process, students will use the acquired skills to make a successful transition to reading in English.

Learning to read was never so much fun!
  • "It met the academic needs of Kindergarten and First Grade..."
    -Principal: Rafaela Romero

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